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Best Gifts for PE Teachers


Growing up, Gym Class was always my favorite.  What kid doesn’t love to run, jump, and play games?  Remember how excited you got when it was parachute day???  Gym Teachers are so full of energy and enthusiasm that they deserve amazing PE Teacher Gifts whether it’s for Christmas or Teacher Appreciation.

When I was setting up my S Is For School Etsy Shop, I noticed that there were very few choices for PE Teacher presents.  My shop now offers Short and Long Sleeve TShirts, Hoodies, Thermal Tumblers, Wine Cups, Coffee Mugs, and Facemasks.  Most of the designs are available on all of the products.


PE Teacher Shirts


PE Teacher Shirts are a great idea for birthday, Christmas, or teacher appreciation.  Physical Education Teachers are lucky that they don’t have to wear dress clothes to work like other teachers.  They can get away with a Tshirt and sweatpants.

When I was in school, the teachers that taught physical education were referred to as Gym Teachers.  Some PE Teachers don’t care to be called Gym Teachers anymore.  This shirt is a great way to let everyone know!  This design in available in Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, and a Hoodie.

The shirts that I offer in my shop are high quality Bella + Canvas Airlume combed and rink spun cotton for a super soft shirt with a comfortable fit. Short Sleeve Sizes range from XS to 4XL.  Long Sleeve Crew Neck Shirts are available in sizes S-3XL. Machine wash and tumble dry on low. What a wonderful PE Teacher Gift!


I am not a morning person, so I don’t understand how PE Teachers can teach sports and exercises first thing in the morning.  Maybe they are just morning people or maybe they have help from LOTS OF COFFEE!

Either way I give them lots of credit.  I can barely keep track of myself. I’d never be able to wrangle 30 first graders at 8am.






If your school has a more than one physical education teacher, this PE Squad shirt would be a pretty cool gift.  All the gym teachers could wear them on the same day.


Teachers like to celebrate their comradery and teamwork with matching apparel.  You often see “First Grade Team” or “2nd Grade Tribe”, but you don’t see many PE group shirts.


PE Teacher Mugs


Whether you drink coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, it’s always more fun to drink it out of a great mug.  This ceramic mug comes in 11 oz or 15 oz depending on how much caffeine you need to get your day started.   Show your pride in being a physical education teacher while getting a sugar and caffeine fix either at home or at school before you start your day.



PE Teacher Cups Are A Great Gift Idea


This 20 oz thermal PE Teacher Cup is awesome for hot or cold drinks.   Pour your coffee before you leave the house, and it will stay warm until the caffeine kicks in.  I use my thermal tumbler for water and iced tea.  If I add a handful of ice, it stays cold until I finish it.  This tumbler is available in several different physical education designs.



PE Teacher Hoodies


This high quality hoodie from Bella + Canvas will keep your gym teacher warm on those chilly days.  Wear during outside PE in the fall and early spring or in the gym on those cold winter days.  Choose from a variety of Phys Ed Teacher sayings.


There are regular teachers and there are teachers who were born with the enthusiasm to teach PE.  For many students, gym class is the highlight of their day.  It was always one of my favorites.  (Art was a close second.)

Gym Teacher Hoodies in my shop are High Quality Bella + Canvas  52% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton and 48% poly fleece for a soft and warm sweatshirt.


This funny Physical Education Teacher gift says Don’t Make Me Use My Mean Phys Ed Teacher Voice.  When you teach a class outside or in a large area like a gym, you need a LOUD BOOMING voice to keep everyone in line.  It may not really be a mean voice, but it makes for a funny hoodie.



I hope you have found something you like in this list of PE Teacher Gift ideas.  I have more school gifts in my Etsy Shop.

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 Best Gifts for PE Teachers

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